TECH 3443 understands and respects the direct connection between wellness and productivity. Wellness — physical and emotional — is at the core of happy, healthy and productive employees. Study after study backs this up, showing that wellness contributes not only to improved productivity but also to reduced healthcare costs and decreased absenteeism, among other benefits. Furthermore, workplace-available wellness programs and health facilities have been demonstrated to greatly improve employee retention. They can even lower insurance premiums for businesses.


With the importance of wellness in mind, TECH 3443 has made employee health a cornerstone of our campus. In development now, our campus wellness clinic will be headed by our Chief Medical Officer Fara Ranjbaran, MD, FACP.

Dr. Ranjbaran is assembling a team of wellness experts including an acupuncturist, a nutritionist, a yoga instructor and others. With a short (and healthful) stroll across campus, workers can develop a healthy eating plan, get a workout or receive treatment for a nagging backache. No need to fight traffic to get across town and lose productivity time. It’s all right here.


Experts say that connecting with Mother Nature can be an extremely effective way of reducing stress, so we’ve made sure to include plenty of green space in our campus plan. Workers will be able to walk or bike on paths that meander through our beautiful Zen Garden, enjoying the sights and sounds of nature as they de-clutter their minds and prepare to develop the Next Great Thing. Water features such as placid ponds and a gurgling stream will add to the tranquility of the Zen Gardens. And when it’s time for a lunchtime pickup game, a basketball court will be at the ready. Tennis and volleyball courts are also planned, showcasing TECH 3443’s all-in commitment to the health and well-being of campus tenants.


Dr. Ranjbaran is a board-certified internist with more than 25 years of diverse medical experience. She’s received training at Harvard University and at prestigious American College of Physicians conferences. She has been appointed to peer-review committees at the Journal of Graduate Medical Education and St. David’s Medical Center, and sits on an advisory group for computerized physician and provider order entry. She has served as a hospitalist and as a hospice director. Her decades of experience and deep understanding of applied and integrative medicine will bring great value to the TECH 3443 community.