When we first aspired to design TECH 3443, we wanted to offer amenities to our community of companies that would breathe life and inspiration into their businesses. We looked to Google, Apple, Facebook, and other tech giants to study how their features enhanced the narratives of their companies. These are all companies that catered to the experiences and daily lives of their employees for the collective benefit of the company, consumer, and employee. With Austin’s history of being a natural home to start-ups, we sought to create a community masterfully designed around the needs of businesses of all sizes by weaving health, wellness, technology, architecture, and nature throughout our campus.

In designing TECH 3443, we wondered if a collection of buildings could undo the traditional notion of offices, cubicles, and isolation. A single building is interpreted by its inhabitants on a daily basis, and it either illuminates or darkens their practices. The reality is that traditional office spaces are stifling to employees and businesses both, so we discarded the standard formula of an office park or business district and considered the daily lives of our development’s occupants. How could their fictive stories script the architecture and design of the campus as a whole?


We imagined each building as an organism or life form in and of itself with a series of spaces—conference rooms, informal meeting spaces, meditation rooms, and think tanks—to hybridize the technical and the social, the human and the performative sides to every well-functioning business.

We envisioned our entire campus as a forest of experiential buildings designed to enhance the interconnectedness and well-being of its inhabitants.


When the form of the building follows the functions of its occupants, we are able to liberate and help companies propel themselves into their industries. This ideology is only the mechanism and standard for the buildings as stand-alone structures on our campus. The campus as a whole is another story.

As a nesting ground for unique, forward-thinking businesses, TECH 3443 allows each company to orchestrate and animate its own customized domain. Every tenant’s conceptual vision will become an explicit engagement in physical reality all while still being a part of the campus’ unifying the circulatory system of nature trails, yoga spaces, retail spaces, and farm-fresh eateries.


The campus will feature lush, green nature trails, modern yoga studios, and peaceful meditation spaces to help clear minds, spark imagination, and re-center visitors. To top off the wellness features on campus, a revolutionary medical-wellness fusion facility will be home to physicians, nutritionists, life coaches, and health guides to help balance clinical and natural medical practices and offer cutting-edge medical care to the whole campus.

Outside of the well-being of its occupants, TECH 3443 will offer a special brand of entertainment with its many retail spaces, farm-to-table eateries, theater productions, and art installments, all of which will be carefully selected.

TECH 3443 is seeking environmentally responsible businesses, locally sourced restaurants, globally conscious retailers, and forward-thinking visionaries. Every retailer, restaurant, and business featured on campus will be carefully reviewed and selected according to their ethical standards and the degree to which they align with the core values of TECH 3443.