In the early 1970s, Austin’s economy was based on state government and the University of Texas. That began to change — in a big way — when large tech companies such as IBM, Texas Instruments, Tracor and Motorola increased or built a presence in our lovable but little town of about a quarter-million residents. In particular, Motorola’s development of an Austin campus to fabricate semiconductors heralded a new era in the local economy and foreshadowed the technical prowess that was to become our city’s hallmark.

Motorola continued to grow and expand in Austin, eventually employing 11,000 workers, and firmly establishing Austin as a high-tech hub, second only, perhaps, to California’s Silicon Valley. Motorola’s enormous impact on Austin’s economy — then and now — cannot be overstated.


As is often the case in industry, Motorola’s semiconductor division was subject to the whims of a changing tech landscape and various business pressures. The unit has changed hands and morphed over the years, but the campus that launched an industry remained. The solidly constructed buildings occupy a premium location on the east side of Austin, just 15 minutes from both downtown and the airport. Located next to NXP, a descendant of Motorola’s semiconductor unit, the 109-acre campus has eight buildings and parking structures and an electrical substation sufficient to power a city the size of Georgetown.


With unconditional respect and appreciation for the legacy imprinted on our city by Motorola, TECH 3443 undertakes the re-imagination of the legendary campus that has held such a storied place in our city’s history. We seek to retain the spirit of invention and creativity as we invite groundbreaking companies from a wide number of business sectors to create a home on our beautiful grounds and pay tribute to the history of the area.

And for the visionaries who populate the Class A office space, we offer everything they need to be healthy and productive — a vibrant, mixed-use space with walking trails, workout facilities, healthcare facilities, a gourmet grocer, restaurants, retail shops, live entertainment and more.