Every business requires you to take a break during your workday. TECH 3443 is designed for work and life balance. A place that inspires you to take notice of your senses. On that break, set your phone for an 8-minute pause. Walk outside. Take a seat along the waterway. Bring a blanket to the Zen Gardens. Stand outside a door and look up to the sky. Find a spot to hover along the connected corridor. Where ever you land, we have created a place to develop mindfulness for greater clarity, lowering stress, increasing productivity and feeling happier.


Located in Austin, Texas, TECH 3443 is a development where inspiration meets emotions for an unforgettable experience. If you’d like to be a part of what we’re creating at TECH 3443, complete the contact form below, or reach out to our Primary Leasing Contacts, listed below.

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Melissa Totten, Mark Greiner, Charlie Hill
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