Living solutions must continue to evolve to match the needs of the modern professional. TECH 3443’s Building C will feature flexible living solutions for professionals and businesses with unique needs. Micro-units offer users a comfortable, short-term way to live, work, and play without the traditional restrictions of an apartment or house.

These bright, modern, and flexible living spaces will attract the brightest talent in need of alternative living solutions close to their workplaces. Building C’s location in TECH 3443’s high density commercial area will eliminate long commutes and add convenience for employees and businesses.

Benefits include:

  • Convenient for visitors and staff
  • Campus amenities to attract top talent
  • Walk to work & efficient living
  • Flexibility of short-term living solutions
  • Smaller impact on the environment
  • Live-work-play environment
  • Access to higher-density communities
  • Hybridization of practicality and style
  • Alternative living spaces
  • Enhanced quality of life with immediate access to a world-class wellness center and campus amenities
  • Outdoor working spaces