TECH 3443 is providing a fiber infrastructure that offers multiple points of entry to service providers at the campus core. This plan offers redundancy and load balancing to mitigate interruption in connectivity. Fiber optic lines transfer up to 100 gigabits/second bandwidth. The infrastructure is designed to support core network switch-gear such as Cisco Nexus 92160 to include traffic aggregation and redundant edge switches. Fiber is provided to each building using edge switches that are routed to the core.


The TECH 3443 WiFi strategy anticipates each building having its own independent WiFi access as well as a campus-wide hot-spot for visitors, employees, and residents. The WiFi network will provide multiple access points for redundancy, adaptive radio monitoring, self-fault detection, self-healing, dynamic spectrum assignment, seamless handover, power over Ethernet and security.

This infrastructure supports “Internet of Things,” and it is 5G friendly. The IoT solution makes lighting, energy, parking, surveillance, and waste disposal digital to improve facilities and streamline operations.