TECH 3443 is a mixed-use development that will host retail spaces, offices, and other unique amenities. Located in East Austin, this work-live space will serve as a locale for community development and productivity with a focus on nature, sustainability, and organic resources. TECH 3443 is a forward-thinking complex for all forms of human activity and collaboration may that be professionally, socially or culturally.



Existing energy infrastructure will provide renewable energy technologies to generate 75% of its own power.




Close to Downtown

Within 10 minutes of downtown Austin, our campus is strategically located with access to amenities throughout East Austin.


Commuter Rail

On-site commuter rail station will be available for mass transit throughout the city.



Centrally Located

The TECH 3443 campus is within short proximity to a private airport.



Medical Facilities

Medical facilities on-site to offer health care.


A convenient marketplace will provide on-site retail, restaurant and food markets.


TECH 3443 has strategically aligned with local universities to provide state of the art on-site STEM lab for the vast business needs.




Trail Access

The TECH 3443 campus provides biking and hiking trails that connect to Austin’s major bike routes.