TECH 3443 will be the first major development to include an air disinfection system. Designed to keep users safe at all times, TECH 3443’s air disinfection system has been proven to eliminate pathogens, such as COVID-19, with a natural antioxidant. Global pandemics, flu seasons, and common germs will no longer make commercial spaces unsafe or unusable. Public health and wellbeing is TECH 3443’s biggest priority.


Ozone is a natural antioxidant with a density greater than air, making it an ideal disinfectant for air, surfaces, and water. The third oxygen atom of ozone is extremely reactive and unstable, reacting and killing single and multicellular organisms with low cell specialization, such as bacteria, viruses (including COVID-19), or fungi.

By destroying cell capsids and causing DNA damage, Ozone eradicates pathogens in a short timespan due to its short half-life, leaving only oxygen (O2) as a byproduct. Today’s latest research confirms that no microorganism is immune to Ozone’s disinfectant effects.