To grow and create a life science cluster and ecosystem that accelerates, empowers, and sparks our planet’s leading innovators on their missions to advance human life and health.


LEED/Green Building
As a forward-thinking, environmentally friendly development, TECH 3443 will be a LEED certified building, a designation awarded to healthy, efficient, green buildings by the US Green Building Council.

Biodiversity & Habitat
To minimize our impact on the habitats and biodiversity nearby, TECH 3443 follows environmentally sensitive protocol and procedures when possible. From material selection to the end of development, TECH 3443 seeks to fortify, protect, and preserve its surrounding habitat.

Indoor Air Quality
In partnership with Trane Technologies, TECH 3443 is committed to providing the highest quality indoor air via WellsphereTM. All TECH 3443 buildings will feature enhanced filtration, air disinfection systems, and other advanced air quality systems to meet the optimal ASHRAE® standards.

Net Zero Carbon Emissions
Committed to environmental sustainability, TECH 3443  will have a net zero carbon emissions upon completion and throughout its lifespan. TECH 3443 utilizes a real-time carbon management system to track and optimize energy usage and emissions.

Thermal Storage
TECH 3443’s highly efficient, modernized central plant features state-of-the-art thermal energy storage to meet TECH 3443’s high sustainability standards today and tomorrow.

Solar Power
TECH 3443 is committed to utilizing renewable energy where possible. Each building on campus is designed with infrastructure and provisions for solar and battery storage.


Community Development
Regularly engaging with community stakeholders to understand their needs and desires, TECH 3443 strives to add to the lives and experiences of its local community.

Diversity, Inclusion, & Equity
Located in one of Austin’s most diverse submarkets, we support and ensure diversity and inclusion efforts at every step of our development process.

Health, Safety & Wellbeing
TECH 3443 will provide the highest level of comfort, safety, and healthy living infrastructure on campus. From the ground up, TECH 3443 has been designed to provide a healthy environment for today and tomorrow. Notably, TECH 3443 is also a member of TEXGHS (Texas Global Health Security Innovation Consortium).

Employee Engagement
Our employees are the cornerstone of our success and living embodiments of our values. TECH 3443 strives to stimulate equal opportunities and create an enriching, supportive, and challenging work environment.


Our Team
TECH 3443’s leadership team seeks to foster and uphold a culture aligned with its values. We treat our partners, team, visitors, and future campus users with honesty, fairness, integrity, and respect. With a chief medical officer and other health professionals on our staff and advisory board, TECH 3443’s leadership is dedicated to creating a wellness-centered development from the ground up. Simply put, TECH 3443 is a safe, healthy, and happy community.

Practices & Policies
Our development team, ideology, and processes are led by purposeful and thoughtful business standards to create a ground up environment of ethics, integrity, and responsibility built to last long after TECH 3443’s development.

Principal Driven Development
Guided by our passion for place-making, TECH 3443 has been developed to build legacies, create experiences, drive business and innovation, and empower scientific communities.